Di Della Pace



The Artist was born in Austria but grew up in Toronto, Canada, where she attended college and completed her studies in Art and Design. Moving to Italy she attended the National Art ´Accademia di Brera´ in Milan, and then moved to Paris to experience the Expressionists and Modern Art. These experiences opened up horizons in her expressions of Art that transmit a passion for life and an energetic freshness, revealing nevertheless, maturity and a modern foresight into the future.

Art by Di Della Pace
Passion I 600€
Passion II 600€
Footing 1 600€
Footing 2 600€
Untitled 11 500€
Untitled 12 500€
Suddenly 1000€
Waterworld IV 100€
Waterworld II 100€
Waterworld I 100€
Waterworld III 100€
Green III 400€
Green IV 400€
Green II 400€
Green I 400€
Turbulence 1600€
The wold 1800€
Riverside SOLD€
Untitled 9 SOLD€
Untitled 5 80€
Untitled 8 80€
Mozart 1800€
Changes I 1400€
Changes II 1400€
Mar 1900€
Untitled XXX 1900€