José Freire


Tiles Artist

José Freire was born in 1946 in Fundão ( Beira Baixa / Portugal ). After completing his formal education he worked as a banker and at the same time developed his artistic talents through intensive observation of forms to work with tiles (azulejos). Fascinated by the art of mosaics and tiles, he went to many parts of the country and foreign to study the techniques of ceramic art. As he always wanted to make something new and different, he started as a self-taught artist, developing this own way of working the materials, recreating various types of pictures and three-dimensional pieces of art, creating like this genuine and unusual art of ceramic sculpture. Apart from being in various public and private institutions, his work is mainly in private collections.

Art by José Freire
Sermão de S. António 1200€
Regata 1200€
Auto-Retrato de Van-Gogh 1300€
Fernando Pessoa - Um olhar sobre Lisboa 1500€
Fernando Pessoa e a Azulejaria de Lisboa 1400€
Fernando Pessoa – Contemporâneo II 800€
Auto-Retrato de van Gogh SOLD€
Infinito 800€
Camões 700€
Fernando Pessoa - Contemporâneo III SOLD€
Dalmata 3000€
Coro de Natal 2000€
Bordado de Castelo Branco SOLD€
Fernando Pessoa 1 SOLD€
Fernando Pessoa 2 SOLD€
Fernando Pessoa 3 SOLD€