João Marante Oliveira



João was born in Lisbon in 1988 and currently lives in São Teotónio, municipality of Odemira, where he has his atelier, a space he uses to expand his creativity and shape his magnificent real scale wire sculptures. With a background in fine arts, he has always enjoyed experimenting with different materials, leading him to discover the wire as his main working material. He started this artistic activity in 2015, and since then has participated in several solo and group exhibitions, cultural events and television programs. In 2017, he was the winner of the National Handicraft Award - “Empreendedorismo Novos Talentos” of IEFP. In 2018 winner of the FIA Award at the Lisbon International Fair and was also honored by the municipality of Odemira for its meritorious performance in favor of Culture.

Art by João Marante Oliveira
Osga 1600€
Pantera 4000€
Cão 2000€
Cisne I and II 400€
Crocodilo 5000€
Águia 400€