Guilherme Gonçalves - A.C.A. Group



In a first period of his art, Guilherme tries to illustrate personifications that best represent his origin, strength and most of all, his determination. It is in his portrait paintings, considered by him "heroics", that together with his technique, both share his message. These faces of pasts, mostly coming from the hard streets of the ghetto and Hip-Hop culture, managed to make their talent avenge, thus denying to accept the resignation of the role attributed to them by society in accepting these states of poverty as something irrefutable, thus reaching stardom, encouraged others to follow and to force their way to the top. The covering of the faces and then scraping to the surface, symbolically demonstrate the perseverance and the hard work not only of these figures but of the artist from his earliest stage. The visually and physically felt textures originated by the scraping intensity are intended to make difficulties and discoveries made along this path by the artist. Using only two types of different colors as his signature brand, Guilherme wants this brand to one day become recognizable all over the world.

Art by Guilherme Gonçalves - A.C.A. Group
Untitled 01 850€
MAIS 700€
Untitled 02 500€
Espírito Adolescente 350€
Untitled 03 280€
Untitled 04 250€