Vilma Correia - A.C.A. Group



Her works are inspired by inner issues that arise through her life experiences, where in the creative process she tries to solve them. Thus addressing themes that focus on the complexity of human nature, its social behavior and concerns, inviting the viewer to reflect on them and even accept various parts of his life, especially those that you consider negative but that are only natural to feel and live. Using different types of languages and techniques to express herself, she prefers the use of sculpture and installation, where the presence of clay is noted, even in the two-dimensional works, because this organic element is something that connects us to Earth. Both African and European influences can be felt in her works, as both are part of the artist's life giving rise to pieces that have an almost ritualistic touch.

Art by Vilma Correia - A.C.A. Group
Toda Eu I 700€
Toda Eu II 600€
Toda Eu III 380€
Toda Eu IV 380€
Toda Eu V 70€
La vie n’est pa en rose I 430€
La vie n’est pa en rose II 430€
La vie n’est pa en rose III 430€
Se a carapuça servir... I 360€
Se a carapuça servir... II 160€